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Thanks to all who came out this week for Mobile Wednesday!

If you are a Yelper, please go onto Yelp and post a review for us, the more reviews, brings more people, then more trucks will be invited!  We need to get to about 250 people a day buying lunch from the trucks, to keep 3 trucks every Wednesday at Embarcadero!

Yelp Link

Give us your review! Thanks again.

5/29 Lineup

Mobile Wednesday is tomorrow and we have a great lineup for you!  All three trucks, returning for your lunch orders!

  • Porky’s SJ @porkyssj
  • Mogo BBQ @MoGoBBQ
  • Hongry Kong @hongrykong

Lunch will be served from 11AM to 1:30PM!  The new time has worked well, keeping wait times and lines down.  Hope to see you all tomorrow! With three trucks, we need everyone to show their support!