Monthly Archives: September 2013

Always looking for reviews

Thanks to all who come out to Mobile Wednesday!  Without you, we would not continue these Mobile Wednesdays.

If you have a truck you would like to suggest to us, please register an account here and post up, let us know.  We are fully booked through February 2014!  We have a few trucks now on a monthly schedule and would always want to bring in new options.

If you can, please go over to Yelp! and give us a review.  We can always use honest reviews.

Last, with cooler weather coming, we are going to be moving to two truck days, and in December we will be at one truck each Wednesday. This is, of course, if demand warrants it.  So if you continue to come out all winter, make sure to give us feedback here so we can continue to keep the schedule full and the lines down.

Thanks again! As always, please share away!