Monthly Archives: February 2014

Lineup 2/19

Did you have Monday off to celebrate Presidents’ day??  Hope you did!  We have a couple trucks lined up and ready for you this Wednesday.  Come out and enjoy a treat on Wednesday afternoon!!

Here from 11AM till 130PM:

Don’t forget, Zoom Caffe is always here, 7am till 2pm, Monday – Friday now!

Lineup 2/12

Hope everyone made it through the rain!  Did ya even think the word ‘flood’ would be used any time soon?  Crazy!   Well, tomorrow is Wednesday and we hope you can make it out and support the trucks!  Tomorrow…. you have:

Both will be serving from 11AM till 1:30PM! Please share and let everyone know!

Don’t forget! Zoom Caffe has been here Monday – Friday, 7AM till 2PM! Need a boost? Come see Zoom Caffe!!

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday!  Well…. yeah, I know.  Monday.  🙁

However, that means Wednesday is just two days away! 🙂 Yay!!!

Until then, come see ZoomCaffe at our normal lunch spot! He is waiting for you!!